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About us

Welcome to NENONCHOS, the website where we hope you find all the clothing and basics for your kids go perfectly combined, comfy and always in fashion, offering all accessories with ALL the colors of the season, not only that everyone wears.

It is very easy to find the ideal dress, but how then wear it without a cardigan, or the ideal sock? NENONCHOS was created to help you to bring your kids combined and your taste, offering the widest range in dresses and knitwear. We intend to solve something that seems simple, but in some cases leaves us halfway with what we wanted. Say that you have not found the color complements you wanted to get your children to go is just different and elegant.

And without compromise on quality and good price, saving time and always !!!

Additionally, we offer our free personal shopper advice service. It's as easy, just send us a photo of what you have, and we will make some proposals to complete the perfect look for your kids. without any obligation!!

Thanks for everything, I wish you a happy shopping!


Marisa Martos